• Leidinggevenden, managers, projectleiders of werkgroepleiders die een virtueel team of global aansturen
  • Professionals die een team op afstand willen leiden en motiveren


  • 3 dagen en
  • 6 uren individuele begeleiding van de virtuele leider door een gekwalificeerde master teamcoach


  • Voertaal van de training is Engels of Nederlands







Module 1
Profound insight into the leader’s motivational drivesA resilient team leader requires a high degree of self-awareness. He must be able to “step outside of himself” and see his  actions as others do. Walking the talk also requires an awareness of others.  And, if he falls short of modelling the change ideal, he will need the humility and self-confidence to correct himself in front of others, either immediately or after the fact. We will use the Reiss Profile Personality test to provide the virtual team leaders with a profound insight into his/ her  motivational drives. These basic motivational desires influence our thoughts, actions, feelings and perceptions.
Module 2
Building trust and motivate from a remote distanceSelecting the most appropriate way to get your message across and possessing the versatility to use various mediums are key skills.We will provide the virtual team leader with up-to-date insights and techniques for remote motivation and for building trust.
Module 3
Becoming masters in involving othersBecause participation builds commitment, it is critical that virtual leaders be masters at involving others in the process. It is important for the virtual team leader to understand how his communication style is interpreted by others to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings. By becoming more aware of how others perceive you, you can adapt more readily to their styles of communicating. We will provide the virtual team leaders with the necessary skills to adapt their personal style in order to create ‘rapport’.
Module 4
Helping Others Break from the PastThe virtual team leader needs to understand the reasons why an individual team member is reluctant to change. In-depth insight into an individual’s intrinsic motivation strategy will help the teamleader convince and motivate his team member to embrace the change instead of resisting it.
Lighthouse Motivation. The Art Of Mavigating is een wetenschappelijk onderbouwde methode voor het intrinsiek motiveren van medewerkers. De methodiek integreert het Reiss Profile in diverse wetenschappelijke disciplines tot een unieke motivatiemethode.